Since 1930...a story of passion:
Marcato is the world leader in the production of machines and accessories for fresh pasta, biscuits, bread and pizza.

The philosophy of well-made things has distinguished Marcato since 1930, when the work, passion and ingeniousness of Otello Marcato gave rise to products appreciated all over the world today. The culture of healthy eating is the first step toward wellness: starting with pasta, made with simple and genuine ingredients, a symbol of the Mediterranean diet. All Marcato products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.



In a small workshop behind his house, Otello Marcato creates the first machines for rolling pasta. Using his bike, he sells them to families in the neighbouring villages.


The first factory is established in Campodarsego, in the province of Padua. Although now extended, today it is still the place where Marcato produces every single component of its product range.



The first order arrives from across the ocean. Pasta machines are shipped to Philadelphia, in the United States. Today the company's product are available in over 80 countries around the world.


Atlas is born, the machine that has become an international icon of good food, creativity and wellness.


The expansion into new markets and investments in R&D make it necessary to open a new factory, in front of the original one.


In addition to the Made in Italy guarantee, the quality of materials used and product design, Marcato promotes wellness by enhancing technological innovations to safeguard the health of users.


Marcato celebrates its 85th anniversary with over 100 employees, enhancing the industrial development project in Italy.


Marcato consolidates its sales with 70% heading abroad and 30% staying in Italy. Quality and a very low defect rate continue to be the stand-outs. Marcato produces and packs up to 2,500 pasta machines a day and about 250,000 rollers a month. The company embraces the principle of "circularity", reusing most of the production waste.

A man is making pasta with a pasta maker.

A very Italian tradition...

The company, which has been in business for about 90 years, has leveraged its experience to conquer the home and foreign markets, promoting the authentic “Made in Italy” brand everywhere.

Marcato has always produced in Italy, using sustainable, environment and health-conscious manufacturing processes. The constantly evolving research, the use of cutting edge technology, innovative materials and attention to detail have resulted in a range of versatile and functional products of the highest quality.